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Activities on Swan's Island

Travel from Atlantic to Minturn or-for a glimpse of the sea on both sides-to Swans Island Village. Bring your own bicycle or rent a bike on the mainland and take advantage of the islands, many and varied roads. Biking is a great way to take in Swans Island's beauty. Be it the fishing villages along Burntcoat Harbor, the fine white sand beach and the rocky shoreline, the spruce woods, or peddling out to the lighthouse for a picnic, there are plenty of sites to keep you busy.

The island is replete with good hiking spots. Take the trail from the Carrying Place to Irish Point or hike up Goose Pond Mountain or Big Mountain for a panoramic view of the Atlantic.


Image of Hockamock Head Lighthouse
Built in the 1800s, this lighthouse was operated manually until 1974 when it was automated. About four and a half miles from the ferry (hilly going by bicycle), the lighthouse marks the entrance to Burntcoat Harbor. At the southern tip of the bustling little fishing community of Swans Island Village, Burntcoat Harbor is one of the best protected harbors on the Maine Coast. This is a good picnic site with picturesque views of the harbor as well as Harbor Island across the channel and, to the west, Gooseberry and Marshall Islands.

Image of Colleen in her Kayak

Visit this unique museum to see old-time fishing equipment and techniques for native fish and lobster. On display are lobster gear, historic navigation equipment, boat models and photographs. A Natural History Museum is next door to the Lobster & Marine Museum.

If you can withstand the cold temperature of the water, Fine Sand Beach, on the southwest side of the island, is a great swimming spot. For the less hardy, a walk along the beach can prove as enjoyable.
You can also swim in the quarry pond. The quarry was last operated in 1925 when granite was taken out on ships and used for cobblestones in major eastern cities.

White Sand Beach
Fine Sand Beach

The Quarry Pond
The Quarry Pond

See swansisland.org for a complete list of everything to do on the island.